Achieve your strategic priorities and business objectives through effective and efficient project portfolio management

We help our clients implement frameworks and practices that enable effective and efficient decision making, thus better managing the increased size and complexity of their project portfolios.

We help companies achieve their business objectives and maximize their benefits.

Nowadays organizations invest significant capital and resources to deliver a portfolio of projects and achieve their business objectives. Partnering with senior management we:

  • Establish a robust framework and governance model for effective and efficient decision making.
  • Define roles and responsibilities, as well as desired competencies for all actors and stakeholders involved.
  • Provide training and coaching to Project Sponsors, Business Owners and Project Managers.
  • Create a monitoring system to allow proper visibility of progress achieved, as well as prompt identification and mitigation of key risks and issues.

We enable companies develop their internal capabilities and skills.

Through training and on-the-job coaching of key actors and stakeholders, we help organizations develop their internal capabilities in project portfolio management and project execution. Our target group includes: Executive Committee members, Project Sponsors, Business Owners, and Project Managers.

We tailor our approach to deliver value for your business and maximize results.

Our approach has been fine-tuned over the years advising organizations of different project portfolio size and maturity in execution. Whether reinforcing existing systems and practices or designing everything from scratch, we enable organizations implement an effective and efficient system of project portfolio management.

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From idea generation to project execution – implementing a holistic framework.

We enable management to select the right mix of projects, establish robust monitoring systems, and actively manage potential risks and emerging issues.

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    Efficient and effective decision making

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    Better alignment of project portfolio with business objectives.

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    Consistent communication throughout the organization.

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    Reinforcing the sustainability of project results and business benefits.

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    Alignment between key stakeholders

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