What people have said about us

“Morphis brings real life experience from projects into his courses and that makes his delivery unique. It has been a great pleasure for me to participate in his Lean Six Sigma course.” D.A. (IT Business Partner).

“Talented trainer, high level instructor, expert in Lean Six Sigma philosophy! I strongly recommend him for similar courses.” D.K. (Production Supervisor).


“[…] [Dr. Morphis] is capable of making the essence of LSS theory available to the audience, through his applied experience and excellent communication skills. I had all my questions answered in full during the sessions, receiving straight-forward and practical responses based on real business examples […]” T.H. (Country Manager).


“Morphis is an overall excellent and inspiring trainer […]. During the training, Morphis helped me gain a robust understanding on the Lean Six Sigma subject, connecting the methodology of DMAIC with relevant industry examples. I highly recommend him as a Lean Six Sigma trainer, and I look forward meeting him again for the next Belt.” N.L. (Manufacturing Intelligence Analyst).


“Mr Tsalikidis is an exceptional trainer with a thorough knowledge of Lean Six Sigma methodology. As an experienced operational excellence practitioner, he was able to easily link theory with real life business cases and answer every question […]. It was a great experience being trained by Mr Tsalikidis. Thank you Morphis.” L.A. (Head of PMO and Process Optimization).


“[Morphis] is an excellent trainer. He is experienced and knowledgeable. His expertise and training skills helped us to fully understand the whole concept of Six Sigma. The usage of real examples from his professional experience and the live discussions were amazing. All topics were explained in depth and in timely manner. I really enjoined his training sessions and I would certainly recommend him […].” S.S. (Business Process Excellence Manager).


“Morphis is a gifted trainer and a knowledgeable expert. I participated in his Lean Six Sigma course and the outcome exceeded my expectations. A great character with countless skills and profound experience of advanced business solutions. I was impressed by his methodical approach and business sense. I would certainly recommend him, not only as a trainer but also as a Business Transformation and Operational Excellence consultant.” F.P. (Quality Assurance and Sustainability Manager).


“Morphis’ expertise, experience and training skills were a huge advantage for the whole classroom […]. Always willing to answer any questions that might occur and always trying to make people feel more comfortable by tailoring the training style […]. If it is in my hands, I will choose Morphis as a trainer in any other Six Sigma Belt that will follow.” K.K (Supply Chain Solutions and Design Manager).


“[Morphis] is a passioned coach encouraging live discussion and lots of interaction. He succeeded in attracting our attention, covering all domains in a timely manner […]. He helped us to understand the material and pass successfully the certification exam. Certainly, I would be very pleased to meet him with the occasion of another lecture […]” E.P. (Group PMO Manager).


“[…] As a trainer Morphis is always using real examples from his vast professional experience. He explains difficult and complex notions simply and easily to grasp. Additionally, he is a pleasant and very friendly guy. I really enjoined the training sessions with him and looking forward for the next one. Thank you and keep up the great work Morphis!”  M.G. (Senior Project Manager)


“Dr. Morphis is an excellent educator with a solid background in industrial applications of 6sigma. Capable of distinguishing and communicating the knoweldge relevant to the industry from the theoretical one.” D.B. (Materials and Quality Engineer).


“Thanks to [Morphis] guidance I learnt a lot but more importantly I had the opportunity to untangle subjects I had been taught in the past but were either not clear or otherwise misunderstood. […] I returned to my office the week after, eager to apply the knowledge I had received in the course […]” N.G (Composite Materials Engineer)


“[…] [Dr. Morphis Tsalikidis] is very communicative, and he has the ability to transfer knowledge in a very simple but methodical way, fostering active dialog amongst trainees […]. He has a deep knowledge of his subject coupled with an excellent professional attitude and […] he has the ability to turn simple insights into concrete and real business actions […].” D.K. (Senior Business Process Manager)


“[…] [Dr. Morphis Tsalikidis] demonstrated high professionalism and dedication in making all trainees engaged and involved […]. He passionately shared examples and experiences from his career, assisting in maintaining a high level of interest by his students. Moreover, he demonstrated a deep knowledge and understanding in Lean Six Sigma tools […] and proposed solutions to real problems raised by students […]. If asked, I would highly recommend Morphis as an instructor and consultant and looking forward to work with him again in the future.” I.T. (Industrial Engineer)


“Dr. Morphis Tsalikidis combines the knowledge / training of Lean 6σ fundamentals with a hands-on approach in an understandable way for the trainees. He is a great professional and I am looking forward to work with him again in the next level of 6σ training.” T.T. (Supply Chain Analyst)

“[Dr. Morphis] Great trainer, very interactive instructor, high level professional, expert in Lean Six Sigma philosophy! Looking forward to working with him again in the future!” S.G. (Production Engineer)

Subject knowledge (9,9)
Training preparation (9,7)
Creating a learning environment (9,8)
Maintaining trainees' interest (9,8)
Answering questions effectively (9,7)
Time Management (9,9)