European Networking Group in Berlin, Germany

Listen to dr. Morphis Tsalikidis:

WHEN: 17th June, 2018

WHERE: Berlin, Germany

ORGANIZER: European Networking Group

Dr. Morphis contributed with a presentation of a case study and was part of a panel discussion.

Morphis Tsalikidis speaking at European Networking Group in Berlin, Germany

The presentation of a case study titled: “How to boost Operational Excellence training, while helping a local NGO“. The case study involved 22 Operational Excellence trainees taken to an NGO to apply in real life situation the tools and techniques taught in class: interview managers and collaborators; map processes; identify pain points; and produce recommendations. During the session we discussed:

  • how the idea was born and how it evolved;
  • how was the visit prepared and what was the agenda for the trainees;
  • how the sessions took place and what we observed in terms of methodology application;
  • what were the pain points identified and the recommendations made.

The panel discussion: “Challenges in deploying Operational Excellence programs“. A panel of seasoned Operational Excellence practitioners discussed the key challenges faced when deploying Operational Excellence programs and the main lessons learnt to date. Among the key success factors identified were:

  • buy-in and active involvement from senior management;
  • developing both technical knowledge and leadership skills;
  • selecting the right projects to gain support and build momentum;
  • communicate lessons learnt and celebrate successes.
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